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             Shaklee Basic H

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 Shaklee Basic H and Basic H2

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                                                                                       Some common uses for Basic H and Basic H2

Walls, windows, mirrors, countertops, bug guts, floors, appliances, stoves, woodwork, barbecue grills, oil, grease, grime, clothes stains, rugs and MORE! Over 1000 more!

                                                                                                                History of Shaklee Basic H

Basic H Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate was introduced in 1960 as one of the first non-toxic, biodegradable cleaners. Over the years, Shaklee Basic H has become one of the cornerstones for creating a safe environment and a healthier life. Shaklee Basic H is Super Concentrated! There are over 1000 uses for basic H and more are being discovered everyday. Just 16 oz of Basic H makes 48 gallons of super powerful cleaner.

Shaklee Basic H is: Non-toxic - Natural - Super-concentrated - Biodegradable - contains No Phosphates

The amazing part is, Basic H and Basic H2 work like crazy! It's truly the Natural Way to Clean. Of course Shaklee Basic H is Backed by our unconditional money-back guarantee.

                                            What is the difference between Basic H and Basic H2?

This is a question that gets asked a lot! Shaklee Basic H was the original formula, now known as Basic H Classic. Basic H Classic only comes in a 5 Gallon container and a 30 Gallon container. Basic H does not come in a 16 oz container. Over the years, customers and Shaklee Distributors have found different uses for basic H that are not consistent with the labeling of the product. Shaklee Basic H was meant to be used as a non-toxic household cleaner. It was soon discovered that the original Basic H was purchased for many other uses for which basic H works great! ( Shaklee does not endorse these uses because testing was not done in regards to uses other than cleaning and household uses).

Shaklee learned that Basic H Classic was being purchased by farmers and ranchers as a great way to control horse flies, worm cattle, control crop pests and many other uses. Basic H turned out to be a great all natural alternative to farmers. The home gardener started to realize that Basic H helped with greener grass, healthier plants, sunburn, mosquito control, ant killer, car wash and so much more! Again, the Shaklee corporation does not endorse the product for such uses but customers will tell you it is amazing.

Several years ago Shaklee wanted to get the "Green Seal" of approval for Shaklee Basic H and they had to reformulate it. This is when Shaklee basic H2 was born. Shaklee Basic H2 is a little more concentrated, if that is even possible, and it is mainly used for cleaning purposes. Some people have used Basic H2 for a fly spray, mosquito spray and some of the other uses discovered for the Original Basic H. If you are a farmer, rancher or use Basic H for purposes not listed on the label it is highly recommended that you use the Basic H Classic which only comes in 5 and 30 gallon containers.

Some people that still desire the original Basic H will purchase a 5 Gallon supply and split it with other Basic H lovers to help reduce the cost.  Basic H and Basic H2 are very similar and work equally well for its labeled purposes.